• Measures residual oil contents in compressed air and other gases
  • Can be used for permanent or in portable applications
  • Measures down to 0.003 mg/m³
  • Easy connection through sampling hose and quick-connector
  • Output signals: 4 … 20 mA, RS-485 / Modbus/RTU, Relay switch (NO)
  • PID sensor for highest accuracy
  • Service and alarm indication through LED
  • Connectable to Nexuz displays and data loggers as well as third parties displays and control units

The residual oil sensor S 120 monitors oil contents of compressed air and gases permanently or for spot checks when used as portable unit in conjunction with S 551. The simple installation and the outstanding performance makes S 120 the ideal choice when residual oil contents needs to be measured and monitored.

Oil free compressed air is not an easy task to be achieved. Monitoring is a must in many industries and applications to avoid contaminations in products and risks for health of humans. The S 120 makes this monitoring task affordable and reliable.


  • Easy connection to compressed air through 6 mm quick-connector
  • Can be used as portable as well as stationary instrument
  • Particle sizes from 0.1 … 5.0 μm (depending on model)
  • Optional display
  • Measures according to ISO 8573-4
  • Output signals: RS-485 / Modbus/RTU, SDI (Nexuz internal signal), Relay switch (NO)
  • Connectable to Nexuz displays and data loggers as well as third parties displays and control units

The S 130 is a new generation laser particle counter optimized for applications in compressed air or compressed gases. With quality in mind and with the knowledge of customer needs this instrument is designed for continuous 24/7 operation. Depending on the selected model there is sensitivity available from 0.1 … 5.0 m. The S 130 can fulfill the requirements stipulated in the compressed air standard ISO 8573-4. The measurement values represent the particle counts per ft³, l or m³ or alternatively in g/m³. Settings can be done through the integrated display, an external Nexuz display or through the service software.


  • Just connect the sensor and start the recording, no configuration and programming required
  • Easy operation through color-touch display
  • Integrated web server for remote monitoring
  • Connectable sensors for all required measurement tasks (air flow, air consumption, power consumption, pressure, temperature and many more)
  • Up to 24 inputs through extension boxes and Modbus
  • Several loggers can be combined: no need to have long cables from the sensor to the logger
  • Third party sensors can be easily connected
  • S551 logs data on site
  • Data is analyzed in the once
  • Cost effective solution
  • Full software package includes: S4A for basic analyzes, CAA for compressed air audit analyzes
  • Power glitches and cuts won‘t affect performance: battery backup power


  • 4-in-1 measuring device
  • High resolution 5” colour touch screen interface
  • Software-guided measurements
  • Particle concentration measurements according to ISO 8537 standards
  • Dew point measurements with multiple sensor technology
  • Oil vapor measurements with high precision
  • Pressure measurement
  • Integrated data logger
  • Portable design with 17.7 x 15 x 7.5 inches in size
  • Dew point measurement from -100… +20°C Td
  • Particle measurement from 0.1 < d ≤ 0.5 µm, 0.5 < d ≤ 1.0 µm, 1.0 < d ≤ 5.0 µm
  • Oil vapor measurement from 0.003… 10.000 mg/m³

ISO 8537 compliant purity quantifications of compressed air systems are bound to time-consuming installations and long-lasting test runs … We think it`s time for a revolution: The S 600 is unlike its competition. It combines latest sensor-technology, software-guided measurements and a time-saving setup into a handy, touchscreen-controlled multi-tool. The S 600 will finish measurement runs in much less time than traditional methods. After that you don`t ever want to leave your new comfort zone again. Trust us.


  • Compressed air analyzer for 24/7 monitoring
  • User friendly 6 mm quick connector
  • 5-in-1 measurement device
  • Dew point measurement with unique dual sensor system
  • Oil vapor measured on highest precision
  • Pressure and temperature measurement
  • Particle counting as defined in ISO 8537
  • High resolution 5” color touch screen
  • Integrated data logger
  • Robust IP54 wall mountable casing
  • Dew point measurement from -100… +20°C Td
  • Particle measurement from 0.1 < d ≤ 0.5 µm, 0.5 < d ≤ 1.0 µm, 1.0 < d ≤ 5.0 µm
  • Oil vapor measurement from 0.003… 10.000 mg/m


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